Harry Potter and the Super Bowl Breach: Part 1

article-1213793-06722D4C000005DC-590_634x718I decided to split this fan fiction into two parts for review, simply because the story lent itself to it and the second half of the story is vastly different than the first.  This review covers Chapters 1-50.

Summary: Set in the style of “updates,” this is a rendition of what would have happened should Harry Potter been filmed flying over the Thames in 1996 (Book 5) while an American company was filming a Super Bowl Commercial. The Statue of Secrecy is no more and Muggles are integrating with wizards. This is an explanation of what would happen if magic meets technology, wizards meet religion, and politics meets a “gifted power,” with a little bit of Horcrux hunting as well.

Status: Good

Opinion: This is a very decent integration of the Muggle and Magical worlds, with very realistic interactions, mostly between college age students (of course they are the ones to feel comfortable first). It is very descriptive, with fairly well-rounded character in the “vignettes” with a few camio appearances. However, I do feel that the recurring characters do not evolve as well as they should have. There are no relationships other than pre-existing ones, not much is expanded on here either. This is a very American-centric story, Hogwarts/Voldemort should up maybe once every four or five updates. The one thing that I struggled with during the whole story was that there was a lot of bouncing around, it was hard to keep a time line of what was going on in what part of the world. The other major issue that I had was there were tensions and forms of technology that did not exist in 1996 that were being discussed like they were common place. Interesting read, but a little too long. The build-up of the World War III scenario between Al-Queda, Hamas, Israel, and the Koreas was very slow, to the point that it took 30-some chapters before I understood why the Koreas were in the story line in the first place.

Length: Very Long. Quite honestly the longest story in the completed folder. It is 100 chapters long, 500 “updates” long, and 1,040,515 words long.

Pairings: Canon pairings only, with several OC relationships

Warnings: There is a lot of religious talk on the Christian/Islamic/Jewish front. If you don’t like religious discussions, this is not for you.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/4626147/chapters/10547214


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