Summer Vacation

Part 2 of 17 part seriesRemus-Lupin-promo-remus-lupin-22386366-873-1050

Summary: Snape and Lupin spent their summer vacation together after the end of the last fanfiction in Japan with Snape’s friends. The majority of the visit is spent enjoying each other’s company and attempting to improve the Wolfsbane Potion.

Status: Good

Opinion: Though a very short chapter, this fanfiction tells the story of Severus and Lupin’s budding relationship as well as showing other werewolves/shapeshifters that exist in other parts of the world. There was some humorous bantering and some mild threats of harm from Sirius to Snape. Quick read.

Length: 16,946 words

Pairings: Severus Snape/Remus Lupin

Warnings: Alternate Universe; Remus was born with werewolf gene.




Part 1 of a 17 part seriesSeverus-Snape-severus-snape-14207617-800-600

Summary: The story opens at the beginning of the school year in Prisoner of Azkaban in Snape’s point of view. It then flashes back to the Marauder era to explain how Snape and Lupin ended up dating during their sixth year at Hogwarts after a “interhouse assignment” in Incantations and Summonings Class. It progresses through Snape’s and Lupin’s memories of the fateful night that Sirius told Snape to go to the Shrieking Shack and how it ruined Snape and Lupin’s relationship, driving Snape to the Death Eaters. The story then jumps back to the present and the broken hearts in the relationship begin mending as they realize that they still love each other, only to splinter a little when Sirius Black comes back to strain the relationship.

Status: Good

Opinion: I thought that this story was very well written and the characters had a lot of growth. Snape was a little more emotional in the story than usual canonically, but that is often attributed to Lupin’s influence throughout the fanfiction. The integration of the book storyline was very well done and did create tension appropriately in the relationship itself. Mostly I felt that their relationship was too easy to mend after everything that they had gone through and they just fell back in to the relationship after over 20 years apart.

Length: 56,459 words

Pairings: Severus Snape/Remus Lupin, Evan Rosier/Araine Donner (OC)

Warnings: This is an alternate universe written prior to the Order of the Phoenix. Snape’s family is pureblood and old money in the story and Snape was not in love with Lily (regardless of the coincidence with the name of the fanfiction).


Harry Potter and the Super Bowl Breach: Complete Review

img-Samuel-the-PatriarchSummary: See two previous reviews for an overall summary.

Status: Meh.

Opinion: As a whole I felt like this fanfiction was missing some very crucial elements and had too much exposition, religious talk, and scientific discoveries (that didn’t match the technology of 1997 even with the introduction of magic). The first half of the story was an interesting read because it had characters that we knew and loved. The second half of the story, however, seemed like a completely different story that was just set in the Harry Potter world. While I have nothing against introducing new characters, this fanfiction had the habit of introduce 20 new people every couple of chapters. It created a story where we had lots of side action, but not much development of characters, relationships or even a storyline. It was not a very personal story in the long run because the reader didn’t learn enough about each character to care about what happened to them.

Length: This fanfiction was massive. At 1,040,515 words long and 100 chapters, this fanfiction was nearly the length of the Harry Potter series: which ended at approximately 1,084,170 words long.

Pairings: Canonical pairings only with many OC relationships (many already established before introduction.

Warnings: Very religious


Harry Potter and the Super Bowl Breach: Part 2

centaur_warlord_by_spellsword95-d5xgv14This is second part of the review of this fanfiction because the second half of the story was vastly different from the first. This review covers Chapters 51-100.

Summary: After Judgment Day finished, the world had to figure out what had just happened and how to prevent it from happening again. In the process, Hidden Nations of magical beings are slowly being discovered or revealed, leading to tensions in both the magical and Muggle worlds. One top of this, Samuel, son of Eli and the Prophetess Deborah (as ghosts) are attempting to unite the Abrahamic religions into a singular religion.

Status: Meh

Opinion: The introduction of the Hidden Nations (veela, centaurs, mermaids, etc.) in the first chapter after a massive volley of explosions in the first half of the story was extremely jarring. It felt like all the sudden I was being introduced to a massive amount of new people, with no backstory, and no depth and then expected to know what was going on. The people that the readers had met in the first half of the story barely showed up and had no character development at all. It felt like the story was 40% Hidden Nations, 35% Religious reunification, 15% science interacting with science and 10% wizards figuring out how to use magic for money and muggles suing wizards for money. I felt like I was reading a discussion on what would happen if the Abrahamic religions decided to join together more than a story about magic. In the end, I started losing interest about chapter 60 and the story was quickly losing momentum around chapter 70.

Length: Very long. Quite honestly the longest story in the completed folder. It is 100 chapters long, 500 “updates” long, and 1,040,515 words long.

Pairings: Canon pairings only, with many OC relationships

Warnings: There is a lot of religious talk on the Christian/Islamic/Jewish front. If you don’t like religious discussions, this is not for you.