Harry Potter and the Super Bowl Breach: Complete Review

img-Samuel-the-PatriarchSummary: See two previous reviews for an overall summary.

Status: Meh.

Opinion: As a whole I felt like this fanfiction was missing some very crucial elements and had too much exposition, religious talk, and scientific discoveries (that didn’t match the technology of 1997 even with the introduction of magic). The first half of the story was an interesting read because it had characters that we knew and loved. The second half of the story, however, seemed like a completely different story that was just set in the Harry Potter world. While I have nothing against introducing new characters, this fanfiction had the habit of introduce 20 new people every couple of chapters. It created a story where we had lots of side action, but not much development of characters, relationships or even a storyline. It was not a very personal story in the long run because the reader didn’t learn enough about each character to care about what happened to them.

Length: This fanfiction was massive. At 1,040,515 words long and 100 chapters, this fanfiction was nearly the length of the Harry Potter series: which ended at approximately 1,084,170 words long.

Pairings: Canonical pairings only with many OC relationships (many already established before introduction.

Warnings: Very religious

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/4626147/chapters/10547214


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