Phoenix Rising

Part 7 of 17 part series6621f0e6eb5dba1ba5835912c202d7d5

Summary: This part of the story was the culmination of the fight with Voldemort following Dylan’s introduction into the Death Eaters. Snape, Remus, and Blackmore’s goals are to attempt to turn the children of Slytherin away from the “certain” path to the Death Eaters, all while attempting to keep their cover and not alert their parents in the process. Both Snape and Sirius learn to mature and accept each other for who they are, while not becoming friends, they at least don’t hate each other anymore. Dylan struggles with the path that he is now on, especially when Voldemort reveals exactly why he forced his hand in joining the Death Eaters: dark roses that can suck the blood out of a human body at the command of the head of the Rosier family. All the while, Albus recruits some very strong allies in the non-human world and from Snape’s Japanese friends. In the end, Voldemort attacks Hogwarts and forces the decision with the children of the Death Eaters to make their choices: stand with Hogwarts or stand with their parents.

Status: Good

Opinion: I feel like the characterization of the Slytherin children and what their home lives were like was very well done in this story. Their decision in the end to turn away from their parents was not surprising, nor without a clear path to how that decision was made. Some of the students had to make a last minute choice based on little clear thought, but most of them had several key moments in their thinking. The reason why this was not given a higher rating was because a few of the relationship seemed a little arbitrary and throw together at the very end without a lot of build-up. That being said, the relationships still made sense. The one thing that I could not bring myself to like was that, in this alternate universe, the reason that Harry could speak Parseltongue was because Voldemort was his grandfather through rape on Lily’s side! It seemed to be a convoluted way of introducing the Slytherin side, and was very out of character for Voldemort. This threw me off so much in the end, that I felt that the climax didn’t get the full impact that it could have.

Length: 333,231 words

Pairings: Severus Snape/Remus Lupin, the beginning of Ginny/Harry, Sirius Black/Branwen Blackmore, OC/OC

Warnings: Alternate Universe, mild gore, pregnancy sacrifice, mild mention of rape



Phoenix Reborn

29372.210000Part 6 of 17 part series

Summary: As the Order of the Phoenix is rebanding, Snape is faced with having to taking care of two children and himself. He still struggles to believe that Lupin can love him as well as Sirius, but their relationship grows strained with the Occlumency lessons. At the very end of the story, their relationship is revealed to Harry by Lupin, though the children had thought he had a relationship with Blackmore instead. The Donner family is going through some times, from the revelation that Dylan is the one to inherit, to the brothers going to the dark side, to Dylan being heavy handedly forced into the Death Eaters. With the skirmish at the Ministry, in which Sirius survives, it will be interesting to see what happens to both Snape, Dylan, and Draco in the coming story.

Status: Good

Opinion: I actually liked this episode quite well, as it was dynamic. The characters were shaped, though it seems like Lupin and Snape’s relationship went right back to the beginning again. Dylan’s defection from the Death Eaters after his forceful initiation was wonderfully done. The relationship between Dylan and Hermione was good as well, though I feel that it was too easily broken after Dylan pushed Hermione away. The dynamic of the brothers going to the Dark for Mind Restorative made for an interesting side story as well; though I wish that the Donner matriarch wasn’t so quickly jaded. Overall, it was tasteful with lots of character development.

Length: 80,455 words

Pairings: Severus Snape/Remus Lupin, OOC/Hermione

Warnings: Alternate universe, minor gore at the end of the story.


Return of the Raven (Prologue to Phoenix Reborn

Part 5 of 17 part series180936063

Summary: Professor Blackmore, having believed to be dead after the first Wizarding War, arrives looking the exact same that she had before. During the course of the chapter, you find out that she has been in the Demon realm with her very many greats grandpa watching her favorite students’ lives. Now Blackmore is back to help with the new arising problems.

Status: Meh

Opinion: While it was nice to see Blackmore come back as she was a good character and was definitely relatable in the terms of how she interacted with her students, I felt that the inclusion of the demon world was unusual to say the least. Compared to the relatively canonical world that was previously established, it felt like adding in true Demons was a little of a curve ball. It will be interesting to see how this ties into the rest of the story.

Length: 10,283

Pairings: Severus Snape/Remus Lupin

Warnings: Alternate Universe


Three’s A Crowd (or Summer Vacation II)

Part 4 of 17 part seriesSirius-Black-Wallpaper-sirius-black-32913977-1024-768

Summary: After Goblet of Fire, Sirius, Lupin, and Snape all end up living in Lupin’s home for the summer vacation, causing some interesting arguments between Sirius and Snape. The three of them have to work around how to live together civilly while also dealing with the fact that their relationships with each other have changed. All the while, Snape goes back to Voldemort, getting tortured in the process. Their memories turn to Professor Blackmore’s last few weeks before she disappeared.

Status: Fantastic

Opinion: I liked this chapter as well because it shows how relationships can change over time or with the addition of new people. Lupin no longer needed Sirius because of Snape, but Sirius still wanted to be a part of his pack. Over the course of the chapter, Sirius begins to realize how much Snape truly does care for Lupin, especially after he comes back from Voldemort and needs comfort. I enjoyed the discussion that they had about Professor Blackmore as it showed that they all had a common ally who they didn’t completely understand, but respected all the same. For such a short chapter, it had a lot of content.

Length: 15,192

Pairings: Severus Snape/Remus Lupin

Warnings: Alternative Universe, very smutty chapter


For Old’s Times Sake

Part 3 of 17 part seriessnape-severus-snape-32905546-500-500

Summary: Conflict in Snape’s and Lupin’s relationship in the form of Dylan Rosier (Evan Rosier’s son) arrives as the story opens to the beginning of the Goblet of Fire. Dylan has been homeschooled by his mother’s family following his father’s execution and has been accepted into Hogwarts as a 3rd year. Snape not only has to relieve his past and his guilt with letting Evan and his other friends Wilkes join the Death Eaters in the first place, but now he has to help a new student navigate Slytherin and make the right choices. All the while trying to avoid Mad-Eye Moody and figure out why the Dark Mark is growing stronger.

Status: Fantastic

Opinion: While Snape does act out of character occasionally, it is easily explained away. I was fully expecting to have the random insertion of the new character, Dylan, to be distracting, however I was pleasantly surprised that he became one my favorite catalysts and characters. His struggle to live up to his idealized version of his father, but still make friends with Hermione made him an interesting read. Snape’s character growth was also very good in this fanfiction as he not only find more about taking care of children’s needs, but also more about him and Lupin.

Length: 39,588

Pairings: Severus Snape/Remus Lupin

Warnings: Alternate Universe. Mild verbal child abuse (Dylan)