For Old’s Times Sake

Part 3 of 17 part seriessnape-severus-snape-32905546-500-500

Summary: Conflict in Snape’s and Lupin’s relationship in the form of Dylan Rosier (Evan Rosier’s son) arrives as the story opens to the beginning of the Goblet of Fire. Dylan has been homeschooled by his mother’s family following his father’s execution and has been accepted into Hogwarts as a 3rd year. Snape not only has to relieve his past and his guilt with letting Evan and his other friends Wilkes join the Death Eaters in the first place, but now he has to help a new student navigate Slytherin and make the right choices. All the while trying to avoid Mad-Eye Moody and figure out why the Dark Mark is growing stronger.

Status: Fantastic

Opinion: While Snape does act out of character occasionally, it is easily explained away. I was fully expecting to have the random insertion of the new character, Dylan, to be distracting, however I was pleasantly surprised that he became one my favorite catalysts and characters. His struggle to live up to his idealized version of his father, but still make friends with Hermione made him an interesting read. Snape’s character growth was also very good in this fanfiction as he not only find more about taking care of children’s needs, but also more about him and Lupin.

Length: 39,588

Pairings: Severus Snape/Remus Lupin

Warnings: Alternate Universe. Mild verbal child abuse (Dylan)



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