Ash’s Story

Part 10 of 17 part seriese1c1bb5f3c92a4aacd60d674cfa674a4

Summary: Ash is part of Lukas Bleddri’s pack of werewolves and a minor character in “Aftermaths.” He often is said to be a playboy among the werewolves, but he never speaks about the past to anyone. This is his story of how he found his way through life and into Bleddri’s pack and eventually into the Ministry.

Status: Good

Opinion: I was surprised at how well written this short fanfiction was. Ash was easily one of the most interesting minor characters in Bleddri’s pack, as he was fond of Muggle gadgets and was often one of the few werewolves that managed to get territorial. His story was well-written and showed even more discourse in the Pureblood society. I wish that the ending of the story had been better managed however, as Takeshi’s (minor character from Aftermaths as well) brother just seemed randomly thrown in at the end, with little lead-up.

Length: 23.311 words

Pairings: Takeshi Kimura/Aric Dietrich

Warnings: Alternate Universe



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