Part 12 of 17 part serieslunar-phases-talismans

Summary: The focus of the story has rounded back to Ash Randolf and the werewolves as Ash and Takeshi’s cousin, Tsubasa have found themselves in a tempestuous relationship that they are just dancing around each other. Ash’s childhood comes back to haunt him when his much younger half-sister goes searching for her “dead” brother, opening up a huge chasm of problems, including Ash’s real father’s family. When Greyback comes back from the dead with a vengeance, the werewolves are once again cast into bad light, straining Ash and Tsubasa’s relationship to its breaking point.

Status: Good

Opinion: This was a well-written story, but often felt redundant when paired with the other stories in this series. The same problems kept intruding in the main characters’ lives, including inheritance problems and issues regarding the werewolves. The real saving grace in this story is the uniqueness of each new character added; I never felt like any one character was the same. How the characters handled each new situation was varied and linear. In this story, Greyback was supposed killed during the First War by Voldemort, but instead was put in an insane asylum for 19 years. I feel that Greyback would have had more lasting damage from this imprisonment that he did, which did throw me off. The plotline did seem a little forced at times, like the writer was attempting to make it more interesting, but instead made the characters seem almost out of character for overlooking the obvious.

Length: 302.367 words

Pairings: Ash Randolf/Tsubasa, Severus Snape/Remus Lupin,

Warnings: Alternate Universe, mild gore



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