Starting Over


Summary: After the war ends, Harry and the trio are thrown into a media frenzy that takes months for them to get out of. During this entire time, Ginny is waiting to hear from Harry about possibly restarting their relationship while trying to get George to join the living again. When he finally reappears at the Weasley home, he doesn’t seem to know how to handle her, and the disappears again for essentially Auror bootcamp. When he gets back, their relationship seems strained due to Dean Thomas’ reentrance into Ginny’s life and only comes to an understanding after Ginny is taken hostage by Greyback. Even though Harry warns Ginny about the power of the press, she decides to make their relationship public, right before she goes back to Hogwarts

Status: Good

Opinion: This story, while short, introduces the reader to the world right after the fall of Voldemort and also shows how brutal the press could be to the Golden Trio. Every person is struggling to some degree in this story, which makes sense for the time. Ginny and Harry do seem to have a much more strained relationship than I feel was necessary at the time, but Greyback taking Ginny seemed like the last push that they needed to rekindle it.

Length: 60.878 words

Pairings: Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley, Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger

Warnings: Mild tones of depression



Fate is a Four Letter Word

captureSummary: When Ginny Potter is brutally murdered while in bed with her lover, Draco Malfoy, a now middle aged Harry must go back in the public eye to find out who her murderer was. When it turns out that Malfoy is completely innocent, Harry himself is put up for the murder charge. It is up to him, Severus Snape, Kingsley Shacklebolt, and the Weasleys to discover how deep the murder goes and navigate the legal system all the while. During a Ministry attack and from a surprisingly reliable spy, it comes to light that the person behind the attacks is none other than the head of the MLE, now they must find enough proof to convict her and her accomplices. While all this is going on, Harry must learn what it means to be in a loving relationship after the dissolution of his own relationship with Ginny.

Status: Good

Opinion: The legal aspects of this story was very well handled and showed the many flaws that the British Wizarding World had to face. There was very good dialogue about creature rights and magical theory throughout the story as well. The relationship between Harry, Severus, and Kingsley I wish had a little more build up on the latter twos’ parts, but the relationship was well taken care of. The one downside of this story was that there were a lot of subplots that muddled the storyline and occasionally made it difficult to follow along. It did have a good balance of high and slow paced action, and it was fascinating to watch the author’s perspective on what Harry’s relationship with his children would be like.

Length: 525.304 words

Pairings: Harry Potter/Severus Snape/Kingsley Shacklebolt, Draco Malfoy/Ginny Weasley, Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger, Lucius Malfoy/OC

Warnings: Mild Gore, Age-Gap relationships


Pride of Time


Summary: When Hermione accidently gets thrown back in time during her fifth year at Hogwart to 1977, just one year behind the Marauders, she must learn how to maintain the original timeline so as to not disturb the future. While navigating the Wizarding World during the first war with Voldemort, she befriends the Marauders and, surprisingly, Severus Snape. When Hermione becomes Snape’s handler, they learn to love each other, despite him knowing that she was from the future. During their time teaching at Hogwarts together after Voldemort’s first defeat, Hermione becomes pregnant and they decide to keep their son, even knowing that it will cause problems when Hermione enters her own timeline again. As Hermione is de-aged and returned to her fifth year, her relationship with Snape becomes strained, but they must learn to put it aside to defeat Voldemort for the last time.

Status: Fantastic

Opinion: Normally time change fanfictions lack a level of reality and a complete disregard for the future; however, this fanfiction used the future as a catalyst for several major decisions as well as character growth. While some parts of the storyline were slightly altered, Hermione’s trip back to 1977 did not affect the timeline at all other than to slightly change motivations for different characters. The relationship between Hermione and Severus was highly realistic and often tense in an understandable way, especially with the introduction of Selenius, their son. This fanfiction was subtle and deep, often going into the theory of time and magic, as well as the human psyche.

Length: 553.338 words

Pairings: Severus Snape/Hermione Granger, Lily Evans/James Potter

Warnings: Mild Gore


Phantom of Hogwarts


Summary: After the war with Voldemort has ended, Hogwarts resumes its normal year, except that the Ministry has decided that the wizarding world is severely lacking in Fine Arts education. This prompts a musical theatre competition between the Tri-Wizard Schools to see who will have funding for the following school year to implement the new program. When Severus Snape is cast as the Phantom and Hermione as Christine, they learn how much like their parts they really are. Throughout the school year, their relationship grows and they have to use all of Snape’s spying prowess to not get caught. At the same time, Snape learns how to relax for the first time in his life.

Status: Fantastic

Opinion: While the writing in this fanfiction start off very shaky (Severus’s point of view is first person, while Hermione’s is in third person), it does even out a few chapters in and become not only more detailed, but has the thought processes of the characters increase as well. The introduction of Fine Arts in the wizarding world was a good premise, as the original series always felt lacking in that department. The Phantom of the Opera was a wonderful backdrop for the relationship building as the characters in each story matched very well. Hermione and Severus’s relationship did seem a bit rushed in the beginning, but that was rectified throughout the story. This story is a guilty pleasure because of the theatre aspect, but that does not mean that the story was not well developed. Severus’s growth throughout the story was well-handled.

Length: 653.984 words

Pairings: Severus Snape/Hermione Granger, Harry Potter/Hermione Granger, Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley, Ron Weasley/Susan Bones .

Warnings: Mildly explicit in the later chapters, student/teacher relationship


Teaching Miss Granger

x354-q80Summary: After Professor Snape finds Hermione in a sexual embrace with one of his most “experienced” Slytherins after curfew, he takes into himself to punish her by spanking her. To her chagrin, she finds out that she enjoys the discipline and tries to find other people to satisfy her needs. Only when Hermione can’t, does she return to Snape’s arms. As Snape introduces Hermione to the world of BDSM and a club called Eros, they discover that they meet each other’s
needs well, but now they have to deal with the reaction of the rest of the Wizarding World.

Status: Good

Opinion: This story actually had a lot of character development and relationship building, both between Snape and Hermione, but Hermione and Draco Malfoy as well. The sexual scenes are slightly unrealistic because most women cannot orgasm that many times in one night, but they also made her exhaustion match it. There isn’t much of an external plot other than the relationship building, but the scenes within the story were so varied that it never seemed dull or boring. I wish that there was more information on how Hermione was handling her other relationship (Harry and Ron) outside of Snape’s quarters, but it wasn’t handled poorly either.

Length: 472.808 words

Pairings: Severus Snape/Hermione Granger, Severus Snape/Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger/OC

Warnings: Teacher/Student relationship, BDSM, Explicit


A Big Happy Weasley Family

WeasleysSummary: Long ago, the Weasley Family was cursed to never be able to sexually satisfy their wives and the Peverell line would be the ones to do so. When Arthur discovers Harry and Ginny together, he begins to fantasize about Harry and Molly together. Ginny, being unable to keep up with Harry’s appetites, agrees. This begins a long montage of Weasley men coming to Harry to satisfy their women as they watch. All the while, Harry is slowly losing himself to the Elder Wand’s powers, his need for power and bloodlust and lack of emotions begins to bother him. He finds himself struggling to overcome it and discover how to control the Elder Wand now that he has began to use it, or he has the possibility of losing everything he loves.

Status: Good

Opinion: This fanfiction is mostly porn; it went above and beyond smut. Every chapter has Harry having sex with at least one of the Weasley significant others, Gabrielle Delacour, or even random girls in Gryffindor. That being said, the plot with the Deathly Hallows slowly taking over Harry was very well developed and handled well. The sex scenes, while seemingly unrealistic, were explained by the curse and the magic of the Elder Wand. The resolution was satisfying and the theory sound, both with his relationship with the girls and with the Hallows.

Length: 110.073 words.

Pairings: Harry Potter/Hermione Granger/Ginny Weasley/Molly Weasley/Audrey Weasley/Fleur Weasley/Gabrielle Delacour/OC

Warnings: Very very explicit, Harem fic


The Invitation

MTE1ODA0OTcxOTMzOTkyNDYxSummary: Draco Malfoy invites Harry and Hermione as a couple to Malfoy Manor for dinner a few years after the war ended. When they arrive, they are surprised to find out that Draco has another type of invitation in mind. As the threesome lasts longer than just one night, they find themselves not wanting to let go of Draco, even if it isn’t conventional. After both the Weasleys and the Malfoys found out about the relationship in the same night, they take off to be together in a different country.

Status: Good

Opinion: For such a short fanfiction, the relationship growth in this story is astounding. The explanations of why Harry and Hermione are in a relationship and why Draco fits so well into their dynamic were very well done. The moments that caused each member of the triad to accidently spill the secret was well thought out and made sense on why they would do so. I only wished that the story was a little longer and more detailed.

Length: 48.214 words

Pairings: Harry Potter/Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy

Warnings: Smutty, a little fluffy


The Wages of Going On

18fv5f5knhzl1jpgSummary: After Harry, Severus, and Draco get captured by the Lestrange brothers and are thrown into a dark ritual designed to destroy them, Harry has to make a sacrifice that could save them; he has to let Severus and Draco rape him. While the ritual accepts the sacrifice, it creates a mental bond that all three have to learn how to live with and control as they try to determine how the Lestranges got hold of them in the first place. When the trio stumbles upon a large problem in the Aurors than they originally thought, they must learn to trust each other and use the bond to save themselves, get revenge and hopefully break the bond before it is too late.

Status: Meh

Opinion: The premise of this story is very good, but the interactions seemed forced and out of character. All three of them were very immature about the aftermaths of the ritual, especially Harry. For someone who was mature about the sacrifice itself and recognizing that it was out of their control, he seemed to blame the other two heavily. The majority of the fanfiction seemed to be them struggling with their stubborn sides to actually recognize what the true problems were and to understand each other. Yet, after the bond is broken, they just seem to fall into a romantic relationship when there was no inclination towards that throughout the story. The action was good and well written, with little slow points, but the relationship struggles were too much for the story to feel cohesive.

Length: 172.074 words

Pairings: Severus Snape/Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy

Warnings: Dark Fanfic, Rape