The Wages of Going On

18fv5f5knhzl1jpgSummary: After Harry, Severus, and Draco get captured by the Lestrange brothers and are thrown into a dark ritual designed to destroy them, Harry has to make a sacrifice that could save them; he has to let Severus and Draco rape him. While the ritual accepts the sacrifice, it creates a mental bond that all three have to learn how to live with and control as they try to determine how the Lestranges got hold of them in the first place. When the trio stumbles upon a large problem in the Aurors than they originally thought, they must learn to trust each other and use the bond to save themselves, get revenge and hopefully break the bond before it is too late.

Status: Meh

Opinion: The premise of this story is very good, but the interactions seemed forced and out of character. All three of them were very immature about the aftermaths of the ritual, especially Harry. For someone who was mature about the sacrifice itself and recognizing that it was out of their control, he seemed to blame the other two heavily. The majority of the fanfiction seemed to be them struggling with their stubborn sides to actually recognize what the true problems were and to understand each other. Yet, after the bond is broken, they just seem to fall into a romantic relationship when there was no inclination towards that throughout the story. The action was good and well written, with little slow points, but the relationship struggles were too much for the story to feel cohesive.

Length: 172.074 words

Pairings: Severus Snape/Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy

Warnings: Dark Fanfic, Rape



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