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Due to Archive of Our Own’s filtering process with fan fictions, there are not many stories that I could consider bad enough to land themselves in the ugly or wtf categories. However, there are a few stinkers in the bunch and quite of lot of stories that I would just consider “meh.”

So without further ado: a list of A03 fan fictions, filtered by completed fan fictions over 10k words, sorted by word count.

Harry Potter and the Super Bowl Breach: Part 1 and Part 2.
Word Count: 1,040,515. Status: Part 1: Good; Part 2: Meh; Overall: Meh.

Resolving a Misunderstanding. Word Count: 877,737. Status: Good

Always Series:

Like None Other Series:

Ultima Ratio. Word Count: 737.648 words. Status: Good.

Life Cycle Series:

Phantom of Hogwarts. Word Count: 653.984 words. Status: Fantastic.

Pride of Time. Word Count: 553.338 words. Status: Fantastic.

Fate is a Four Letter Word. Word Count: 525.304 words. Status: Good.

Starting Over Series:

Teaching Miss Granger. Word Count:472.808 words. Status: Good.

Looks Can Be Deceiving. Word Count: 441.879 words. Status: Good

Draco Malfoy Must Die. Word Count: 431.703 words. Status: Meh.

Harry Potter: Blessed by Fates. Word count: 429.340 words. Status: Bad

Bound by Duty. Word count: 426.954 words. Status: Fantastic

Price of a Soul series:

The Price of Valour. Word Count: 406.814 words. Status: Good.

Of Hearts and Heroes. Word Count: 404.433 words. Status: Meh

Never Alone. Word Count: 397.743 words. Status: Good.

Moment by Moment. Word Count: 395.957 words. Status: Meh

Harry Potter’s Second Chance. Word count: 395.201 words. Status: Meh

Harry Potter: Made for Each Other. Word Count: 390.801 words. Status: Good

The Hog’s Head. Word Count: 386.745 words. Status: Good.

What it Comes Down To. Word Count: 380.073. Status: Fantastic.

It Was All Just a Game. Word Count: 364.435. Status: Meh

Paying for His Pedestal. Word Count: 355.462. Status: Bad.

Somewhere in Time. Word Count: 345.363. Status: Good.


The Wages of Going On. Word Count: 172.074 words. Status: Meh

The Scales of Balance. Word Count: 159.959 words. Status: Meh.

Furry Magic. Word Count: 154.869 words. Status: Meh.

A Question of Etiquette. Word Count: 152.362 words. Status: Good.

A Big Happy Weasley Family. Word Count: 110.073 words. Status: Good.

And Then There Were Three. Word Count: 61.935 words. Status: Good.

The Invitation. Word Count: 48.214 words. Status: Good.


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