Harry’s Second Chance

0b8497dbd7574300a57ea41e35ded53dSummary: When Harry de-ages himself to 6 or 7 years old after the defeat of Voldemort in his fourth year, Severus Snape is the one who takes him. Since Harry has no memories of his previous life, Snape and Harry have a chance to reconnect and start over. They must learn to live with each other and finding a family along the way in the most unusual of people; a woman they saved in Greece, a de-aged Albus, and a man named Lucky who has a complicated past all of his own.

Status: Meh

Opinion: The story had some decent elements regarding parenting and what kind of parent that Severus Snape would be without all of the complications in the way, however many of the relationship went very quickly with little prelude or build up. The complications in their lives seemed to be overcome very easily and with simple solutions. Even the idea of Snape adopting Harry seemed to go very quickly with little interference on anyone’s part. The only complication that seemed to stay with them was Echo’s problems with her ex-husband, but even those were overlooked at times.

Length: 395.201 words

Pairings: Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger, Severus Snape/OC, Lucius Malfoy/OC

Warnings: Alternate universe, mild mention of child abuse

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/4763627/chapters/10892663


Resolving a Misunderstanding

mcgonagalSummary: This fanfiction opens with Minerva McGonagall’s first year as a teacher as she is complaining to Poppy Pomfrey about Albus’ bad habits; Albus walks in during a particularly bad moment where Minerva states “Fuck Albus Dumbledore. And fuck his beard!”  The first part of the story is both Albus and Minerva reliving their student/teacher relationship and how it evolved into a friendship.  The story slowly builds and the reader realizes that Albus and Minerva actually do love each other, romantically.  Once they resolve their issues from the first chapter, Albus does end up courting Minerva. Set in multiple viewpoints.

Status: Good

Opinion: The story is definitely good, but very long. It takes quite a while to get through and at times, Minerva seems much younger than just a first year teacher with her Mastery.  The writing is simple, easy to understand, but not terribly descriptive. The slow build is very well done. There is interesting speculation on what Minerva’s family was like, and you do get to meet quite a lot of them throughout the story. I think the main reason that it seems so long is that the story does not have any action; it merely is the “a slice of life” story.  Most of the story seems to be the two fighting with themselves on if they want to tell the other their feelings, though there are a lot of good side stories. The epilogue seemed very unnecessary, though it did bring “Fuck his beard” to a new level.  The sexual encounters were very awkward and used words like “phallus,” there was also a lot of talking and no describing during the scenes as well.

Length: 141 chapters with 877,737 words (2nd longest in the category)

Pairings: Minerva McGonagall/Albus Dumbledore, several OC pairings

Warnings: While “Not Rated” on A03, this is a mature story with quite a bit erotic content near the end.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/687710/chapters/1262539