Paying for His Pedestal

Cho-Chang-promo-pics-ravenclaw-28214458-1919-2560Summary: After the incident in the ministry, suddenly Harry Potter can do no wrong in the eyes of the wizarding world, which he avidly does not enjoy. He decides to do something just because he “shouldn’t” and rapes Cho Chang during the train ride to Hogwarts and continues to do so several times over the next few weeks. After a while, Cho and Harry find common ground and become each other’s sanity. It is only when Harry refuses to acknowledge the growing relationship and begins to date Ginny that it all becomes strained and they must decide who to choose in the end.

Status: Bad

Opinion: While the story was not difficult to follow and was easy to read, everything was highly sensationalized and over-dramatized. The repetition of phrases, words, and interactions made the entire story redundant and almost boring to read. Overall, the relationships were toxic and the sexual interactions were implausible. The decision to make the story focus on Cho Chang’s perception of the relationship rather than injecting some of Harry’s made the story a little flat and one-dimensional.

Length: 355.462 words

Pairings: Harry Potter/Cho Chang, Cho Chang/Cormac McLaggen, Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley

Warnings: non-con, rape, mature rating