DAYDverse: Sluagh

9706a6c86f8dcf551c4da48cd6acba10As the second fan fiction in my filter blog, I am going to progress to the next logical choice: the sequel to Dumbledore’s Army: The Year of Darkness.

Summary: Sluagh is set in the future, roughly 5 years after the Battle of Hogwarts.  Neville has become an Auror temporarily until the next training class comes through and ready to be in the field.  There is someone named the “Sluagh” in Ireland who is killing other people for unknown reasons. They have good reason to believe that it is one of the “lieutenants” from Dumbledore’s Army.  Neville feels that it is his job to take care of his Army and finds himself in a world that he knows nothing about.

Status: Good

Opinion: The tale starts out very well, with a lot of interaction between Neville and the muggle world (namely Irish), however it does take a strange (even for the Harry Potter universe) turn into the severe supernatural, including inter dimensional travel and demons. The story doesn’t quite end the way that you expect it to either. While not as good as the first story in the Trilogy (third fan fiction still to be finished), it is still well-written, descriptive, and the characters stay consistent throughout (i.e. no out of character interactions). It still made me cry to say the least, but it almost feels like the second part of the story could be another fan fiction.

Length: Novel length with 28 chapters and 210,934 words.

Pairings: Neville/Hannah Abbott, Harry/Ginny, Susan Bones/Seamus Finnigan

Warnings: Similar to the first fan fiction, this is bloody, gory, a little scary (horror-wise) near the end, and has quite a lot of death.



Dumbledore’s Army: The Year of Darkness

Neville-Longbottom-neville-longbottom-22817808-600-449Summary: The first fanfiction that I would recommend would be called “Dumbledore’s Army: The Year of Darkness.” This is basically a tale of Neville’s transformation from lowest in class to general of the army in the Battle of Hogwarts. The author wrote the world more detailed and emotional than even J.K. Rowling. If you like her writing, you would love Thanfiction’s rendition of Neville’s 7th year. It really is a fantastic mix of bravery, growing up fast, loyalty, and love in the face of fire.

Status: Fantastic

Length: 25 chapters that are similar to Rowling’s length if not longer. This is a true novel length. Words: 247,715.

Pairings: Neville/Hannah Abbott, Susan Bones/Ernie McMillian

Warnings: Not for the faint of heart. Lots of blood, death, torture. Imagine the 7th Harry Potter book with the death toll being quadrupled.


For all of those people who wanted to know what happened back at Hogwarts.