Harry Potter: Made for Each Other

black bearTitle: Harry Potter: Made for Each Other

Summary: During the Battle for Hogwarts, Lucius Malfoy discovers that he has found his veela soulmate. When no one comes for him, he knows he will die in Azkaban without them, but then he is saved by the most unlikely of people: Harry Potter. The two of them must learn about each other and see behind the masks of what the wizarding world sees, while also adjusting to being veela. In the meantime, Molly and Ginny Weasley are struggling to come to terms with the fact that Harry will not be a Weasley, even going so far as to kidnap him. After dealing with the Weasley women, Harry learns that his life will never be normal and also what it means to have a family.

Status: Good

Opinion: A guilty pleasure fanfiction, this story is actually well handled. There is a lot of explicit sexual contact from three separate couples, as well as a lot of sweet moments as well. The relationship between Harry and Lucius is slightly underdeveloped at the beginning, but expands as the fanfiction evolves. Their explanation is that as soulmates, Harry and Lucius would have less fights and fit together easier. Pregnant Harry was amusing, but perhaps not all accurate as some of the symptoms of pregnancy seemed to be overblown. Overall the story was less about action and drama and more about life after the war itself.

Length: 390.801 words

Pairings: Lucius Malfoy/Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy/Twins, Severus Snape/Remus Lupin/Sirius Black

Warnings: explicit gay sex, veela, mpreg

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/384316/chapters/629175


Never Alone

Ruby-7-1200x915Summary: When the Dursley household is destroyed during the summer, Harry is sent to leave with Severus Snape. He must learn what it means to trust an adult and other people to survive the summer. When Draco Malfoy joins them after his own mother’s death, Harry and him begin to create an unbreakable bond. This is slightly changed when Draco has temporary amnesia after a Death Eater attack. Harry shares all of the information about the Horcruxes with his new found family and even learns the price of self-sacrifice.

Status: Good

Opinion: The story premise was good and well-written, but the story itself was not very memorable. The relationship grew slowly enough to make them realistic, but there were not many moments where the characters were conflicted about anything, which made for a bland story. Ron’s reaction to Harry being friends with Draco and Snape was irrational and sudden, as was his reintroduction to the story. The Horcrux hunting seemed much less dramatic in this story as well, though the added information about Tom Riddle was interesting. There were a several major character deaths that happened that didn’t seem to affect the story all that much as well, which felt anti-climatic with their build-ups.

Length: 397.743 words

Pairings: Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter, Remus Lupin/Severus Snape, Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley

Warnings: Suicide mention, gory deaths

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/3377003/chapters/7386758

Chocolate-Covered Werewolf, Fathers’ Day, Vanilla, and Watching Videos

Parts 14-17 of 17 part serieswolf-5

As these four fanfictions were fairly short and intertwined, there is just one review for them altogether.

Summary: After the story ends in Scars, Severus, Remus, Theodore, and Dylan settle into a semi-normal routine and they attempt to settle into a working family relationship. During part 14, Remus attempts to make chocolates for Severus, but severely messes up. In part 15, the boys decide that they want to celebrate Fathers’ Day with their adoptive parents and end up making a mess out of the entire. Their unusual gift is well explored in both parts 16 and 17, as Remus and Severus discover that they are perfectly happy with an unexciting love life.

Status: Meh

Opinion: These parts had their moments where they were interesting, mostly during the much larger parts 15 and 17, but for the most part, they didn’t add too much to the characters than what we already knew.

Length: Part 14: 1.957 words
Part 15: 14.132 words
Part 16: 971 words
Part 17: 7.184 words

Pairings: Severus Snape/Remus Lupin

Warnings: Alternate Universe, mild smut

Links: http://archiveofourown.org/works/3177170


Part 12 of 17 part serieslunar-phases-talismans

Summary: The focus of the story has rounded back to Ash Randolf and the werewolves as Ash and Takeshi’s cousin, Tsubasa have found themselves in a tempestuous relationship that they are just dancing around each other. Ash’s childhood comes back to haunt him when his much younger half-sister goes searching for her “dead” brother, opening up a huge chasm of problems, including Ash’s real father’s family. When Greyback comes back from the dead with a vengeance, the werewolves are once again cast into bad light, straining Ash and Tsubasa’s relationship to its breaking point.

Status: Good

Opinion: This was a well-written story, but often felt redundant when paired with the other stories in this series. The same problems kept intruding in the main characters’ lives, including inheritance problems and issues regarding the werewolves. The real saving grace in this story is the uniqueness of each new character added; I never felt like any one character was the same. How the characters handled each new situation was varied and linear. In this story, Greyback was supposed killed during the First War by Voldemort, but instead was put in an insane asylum for 19 years. I feel that Greyback would have had more lasting damage from this imprisonment that he did, which did throw me off. The plotline did seem a little forced at times, like the writer was attempting to make it more interesting, but instead made the characters seem almost out of character for overlooking the obvious.

Length: 302.367 words

Pairings: Ash Randolf/Tsubasa, Severus Snape/Remus Lupin,

Warnings: Alternate Universe, mild gore

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/3174782/chapters/6895926

Summer Vacation III: Honeymoon in Japan

Part 11 of 17 part series961_1crane_43

Summary: Two of the minor characters from “Aftermaths,” Aric Dietrich and Takeshi Kimura have begun their relationship and travel to Japan to visit the rest of Takeshi’s crane-shapeshifting family. While there, they mostly spend their time frolocking and getting to know each other during several festivities.

Status: Meh

Opinion: The characterization of Takeshi and Aric were very good and relatable, though I felt that this was downsized by the sudden intrusion of Japanese culture into an otherwise very British story. The reiteration that the “crane” people were very graceful and otherworldly beautiful seemed to be redundant after a while. I almost felt that the entire story’s purpose was to introduce another character right at the very end.

Length: 74.788

Pairings: Aric Dietrich/Takeshi Kimura, minor Severus Snape/Remus Lupin

Warnings: Alternate Universe

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/3164864/chapters/6871469

The Revenant

Part 9 of 17 part seriesBestmainimagejamespotterI

Summary: James Potter has been watching over Harry for all of his life from limbo, not able to interact with the living world. While he watches, he gets more and more upset at the changes in Harry and his friends, feeling that they are pushing Harry away from the “good” path and away from him. When Sirius grants Harry the right to call him “Dad,” this was the last straw for James. When the last remaining Death Eater contacts the nearest spirit to bring them back to Earth, James jumps at the chance for revenge.

Status: Meh

Opinion: This story was such a deviation from the rest of the series, that it was jarring after the last long fanfiction. The sudden shift to James Potter’s perspective was harsh and it seemed out of character for James to want to stay without Lily for so long in limbo, and especially for him to get so angry with Sirius for taking over the father figure in Harry’s life. This did not really add any new information to the storyline and was actually not that interesting.

Length: 62.615 words

Pairings: Sirius Black/Branwen Blackmore, Severus Snape/Remus Lupin, James Potter/Lily Potter

Warnings: Alternate Universe, Death, mild gore

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/3155435/chapters/6848861


Part 8 of a 17 part seriesil_570xN.702862086_5ve0

Summary: As the title suggests, this is dealing with the aftermaths of the fall of Voldemort. As the Pureblood Slytherin students are learning to deal with their new world order, there is discord lurking in other houses as a few students feel that the “Death Eater” students did not get their full punishment. These students take matters into their own hands to try to force the Slytherin students to admit their guilt, all the while getting wrapped up in something that was far more dangerous than they realize. Meanwhile, there are several inheritance battles that dominate the storyline.: the Snapes and the Diggorys. As everything seems to be falling apart in most of the characters’ lives, a single heroic event from the most unlikely character brings the story into harmony at the very end.

Status: Good

Opinion: The storyline was an easy read, which made the long length very manageable. The main focus shifted significantly from the Snape family to the Diggory family about halfway through the story, which was definitely interesting. This storyline is very centered on the struggles of the Wizarding World as they have to adjust to a different thought process and accept that the barriers dividing the wizarding world are disappearing. I was a little put off by how quickly everything seemed to change, yet how slow others did. The relationships that were formed in the storyline were very quick to change, either to start or to end. I did enjoy how much was focused on the werewolves in this storyline, as they are not typically something that is discussed. Aric Dietrich, Theo’s cousin, had a good arch in the story and provided some needed tension in the story as well. Overall, the story was heart-warming and a good read; I just feel that it was often too hard to follow what was going on in each character’s arch.

Length: 822,443

Pairings: Severus Snape/Remus Lupin, beginning of Ginny/Harry, Sirius Black/Branwen Blackmore, Dylan Rosier/Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley/Daphne Greengrass, OC/OC

Warnings: Alternate Universe, mild gore, lots of smut

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/3152375/chapters/6841373


Phoenix Rising

Part 7 of 17 part series6621f0e6eb5dba1ba5835912c202d7d5

Summary: This part of the story was the culmination of the fight with Voldemort following Dylan’s introduction into the Death Eaters. Snape, Remus, and Blackmore’s goals are to attempt to turn the children of Slytherin away from the “certain” path to the Death Eaters, all while attempting to keep their cover and not alert their parents in the process. Both Snape and Sirius learn to mature and accept each other for who they are, while not becoming friends, they at least don’t hate each other anymore. Dylan struggles with the path that he is now on, especially when Voldemort reveals exactly why he forced his hand in joining the Death Eaters: dark roses that can suck the blood out of a human body at the command of the head of the Rosier family. All the while, Albus recruits some very strong allies in the non-human world and from Snape’s Japanese friends. In the end, Voldemort attacks Hogwarts and forces the decision with the children of the Death Eaters to make their choices: stand with Hogwarts or stand with their parents.

Status: Good

Opinion: I feel like the characterization of the Slytherin children and what their home lives were like was very well done in this story. Their decision in the end to turn away from their parents was not surprising, nor without a clear path to how that decision was made. Some of the students had to make a last minute choice based on little clear thought, but most of them had several key moments in their thinking. The reason why this was not given a higher rating was because a few of the relationship seemed a little arbitrary and throw together at the very end without a lot of build-up. That being said, the relationships still made sense. The one thing that I could not bring myself to like was that, in this alternate universe, the reason that Harry could speak Parseltongue was because Voldemort was his grandfather through rape on Lily’s side! It seemed to be a convoluted way of introducing the Slytherin side, and was very out of character for Voldemort. This threw me off so much in the end, that I felt that the climax didn’t get the full impact that it could have.

Length: 333,231 words

Pairings: Severus Snape/Remus Lupin, the beginning of Ginny/Harry, Sirius Black/Branwen Blackmore, OC/OC

Warnings: Alternate Universe, mild gore, pregnancy sacrifice, mild mention of rape

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/3139046/chapters/6805694

Phoenix Reborn

29372.210000Part 6 of 17 part series

Summary: As the Order of the Phoenix is rebanding, Snape is faced with having to taking care of two children and himself. He still struggles to believe that Lupin can love him as well as Sirius, but their relationship grows strained with the Occlumency lessons. At the very end of the story, their relationship is revealed to Harry by Lupin, though the children had thought he had a relationship with Blackmore instead. The Donner family is going through some times, from the revelation that Dylan is the one to inherit, to the brothers going to the dark side, to Dylan being heavy handedly forced into the Death Eaters. With the skirmish at the Ministry, in which Sirius survives, it will be interesting to see what happens to both Snape, Dylan, and Draco in the coming story.

Status: Good

Opinion: I actually liked this episode quite well, as it was dynamic. The characters were shaped, though it seems like Lupin and Snape’s relationship went right back to the beginning again. Dylan’s defection from the Death Eaters after his forceful initiation was wonderfully done. The relationship between Dylan and Hermione was good as well, though I feel that it was too easily broken after Dylan pushed Hermione away. The dynamic of the brothers going to the Dark for Mind Restorative made for an interesting side story as well; though I wish that the Donner matriarch wasn’t so quickly jaded. Overall, it was tasteful with lots of character development.

Length: 80,455 words

Pairings: Severus Snape/Remus Lupin, OOC/Hermione

Warnings: Alternate universe, minor gore at the end of the story.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/3126302/chapters/6775616

Three’s A Crowd (or Summer Vacation II)

Part 4 of 17 part seriesSirius-Black-Wallpaper-sirius-black-32913977-1024-768

Summary: After Goblet of Fire, Sirius, Lupin, and Snape all end up living in Lupin’s home for the summer vacation, causing some interesting arguments between Sirius and Snape. The three of them have to work around how to live together civilly while also dealing with the fact that their relationships with each other have changed. All the while, Snape goes back to Voldemort, getting tortured in the process. Their memories turn to Professor Blackmore’s last few weeks before she disappeared.

Status: Fantastic

Opinion: I liked this chapter as well because it shows how relationships can change over time or with the addition of new people. Lupin no longer needed Sirius because of Snape, but Sirius still wanted to be a part of his pack. Over the course of the chapter, Sirius begins to realize how much Snape truly does care for Lupin, especially after he comes back from Voldemort and needs comfort. I enjoyed the discussion that they had about Professor Blackmore as it showed that they all had a common ally who they didn’t completely understand, but respected all the same. For such a short chapter, it had a lot of content.

Length: 15,192

Pairings: Severus Snape/Remus Lupin

Warnings: Alternative Universe, very smutty chapter

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/3121307