Looks Can Be Deceiving

Gryphon-black_largeSummary: When Hermione turns herself into a cat in her second year, Snape offers to take her on as his apprentice. Her acceptance of his offer leads to Hermione’s training as a warrior, potioneer, and animagus. She learns quickly that outer appearances do not always what they appear to be as she grows in strength along with Draco and Snape. When Viktor Krum and his band of Durmstrang boys reveal that they are animagi as well, they begin to develop a Pack that is so strong that nothing can tear them apart, even the war with Voldemort. With Severus at the helm of the Pack, they defeat Voldemort from behind the scenes, changing the course of history with as little bloodshed as possible. It is only as “freaks of nature” that they learn what family truly means.

Status: Good

Opinion: The beginning of this story was very well handled and I actually enjoyed the duplicity of Hermione, Snape, and Draco. The minor changes to the storyline made sense and had background for the choices. I enjoyed the minor traits of cat that Hermione retained after her mistake with the Polyjuice potion and the sense of pack that was created with the Durmstrang boys. The relationship between Hermione and Krum was well built and stronger in this universe than in the canon one. The ramifications of Ginny’s time with the diary were explored thoroughly. That being said, the story began to drag on a little near the end, and the “Pack Song” aspect could have been left out without hurting the story. The last chapter was heartbreaking, but the story could have been better had the epilogue regarding Hermione and Viktor’s children been left out. Their story seemed rushed and didn’t add much to the final moments of the story.

Length: 441.879 words

Pairings: Hermione Granger/Viktor Krum

Warnings: mild violence

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/3630213/chapters/8016714